Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To blog or not to blog

I've been following an interesting exchange on the Livelines message board, a yahoo group sponsored by the AAFSW.  In the absence of a clear policy, it seems there are many viewpoints as to whether it is acceptable for a FSO to blog, and if it is how that blog should - for lack of a better word - censor itself.  Some suggested that one should not blog at all lest it would put one's career in jeopardy.  Some thought that given how many foreign service blogs are out there we should all blog to our hearts content.  In most lines of work this would not be so much an issue, but FSOs are required to publicly support U.S. policy and must take care not to discuss potentially sensitive or even classified matters.  Personally, given the rigor of the selection process and the trust given to FSOs, it would be just plain silly to bar blogging entirely - I'm sure most FSOs can figure out what is and is not appropriate.  But that said, matters of public concern involving U.S. policy shall be considered by this blogger to be verboten.  Those looking for digressions on substantive issues of foreign affairs need not look here, this blog will only contain reflections on the "foreign service life" such as : "gee, it's really neat living in Dushanbe."  I will not be blogging on any particular demarches issued or my views on bilateral relations with Tajikistan.  So there, ass covered.

Gave up reading on "The Family" by Jeff Shartlet, interesting subject but the execution is lousy.  Now reading "The Accidental Guerilla" by David Kilkulen, and it is showing promise.  Current plans are for a going away party on the 15th, and to start the drive on the 18th.  However, still no pack-out date from the movers.  Seems because of the new fiscal year, there's still no approved budget for the move.  A slight snag in the red tape, hopefully it'll clear up soon enough that I can take some time enjoying the cross-country drive.

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  1. That is the decision I made as well. I don't discuss foreign policy at all. But that still leaves lots of wiggle room, and I can tell you as a PD officer, blogging by FSOs is something the R bureau LOVES.