Friday, October 9, 2009

Things are starting to "move"

A brief surge of activity today.  Received my travel orders authorizing the move, also received a few welcome docs from the A-100 staff and a welcome letter from the class two A-100's behind us.  Someone from the moving company also showed up to survey the massive unorganized heap they'll have to start packing next week.  So things are moving along swimmingly.  Plan is for the movers to pack next week, at which point I'll move into a hotel at government expense.  Yes, that's right, they pay for lodging, meals, and incidentals between the packout and departure.  It's called a pre-departure subsistence allowance, one of many perks offered by the Service.  I can use it for up to ten days, but I'll be starting the drive just a couple of days later.  Booked a cabin on the north rim of the Grand Canyon for the first night, so I'll finally get to see that geological wonder.  Points along the way I'm planning on visiting include Arches National Park, Graceland and Sun Records in Memphis, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Getting the opportunity to check out all that stuff in the middle I never get to see, might as well take advantage of it.  Pictures will be posted.

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  1. I've always wanted to hit up Graceland. My cousin lives down there, so I must go one of these days.

    I just got a job offer in NYC, so I'm packing up to move South in the coming month. Wish they would pack shit for me.

    P.S. You should open this up to allow Name/URL as a credential. Blogspot doesn't play so well with OpenID or Wordpress. It always takes 3 or 4 times of entering the URL (when I'm already logged into my blog) for the comment to actually take. Weird.