Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pulling the trigger

Told the boss yesterday that I'll be resigning my position, although it's not official until my formal resignation letter makes its way up the flag pole.  I'm currently a prosecutor for the County of Los Angeles, and we rotate between the courts in the county on a semi-regular basis.  I was scheduled to rotate next on October 12, making my last day the 9th at my current court.  I was hoping that a month's notice would be enough such that they wouldn't have assigned me to a follow on position.  Usually they don't have your next spot until a couple of weeks before the transfer.  This way I wouldn't be leaving any staffing gaps.  But just a few hours after dropping the resignation bomb, my transfer order came down from downtown.  Turns out the transfer was going to be a week earlier than expected, so now my last day of work will be 10/2. 

My boss took it very well even though my tenure at the office was pretty short.  Profuse congratulations and all that.  Still need to keep things on the QT; if the defense bar gets wind of this they'll hound me for crazy good offers.  "But you're leaving anyway, can't you cut me a break, waah, waah, waah, etc, etc."  So three weeks left, and of course I have a back log of trials that are all going to go forward in that time.  Work's going to be crazy, a little good-bye present from the criminal defendants of the county.  Uggh.

As for word from State, still on a holding pattern.  I've submitted my resume and current pay records so they can make a salary determination.  Given my current salary and education, I should be a FS-5, step 14, but we'll see.  I probably should've gotten it by now, but the HR person running the political folks is swamped getting the September class moved in.  Likely will get it Monday.  Also jonesing for my appointment packet.  Somehow it doesn't feel real until I see some paper.

The 149th A-100 has a web board set up, and we've all been introducing ourselves via the intertubes.  I must say I'm mightily impressed by the variety of backgrounds and inviable credentials of my fellow class members.  Can't wait to meet them all in October. 

Till then it's back-to-back trials, nervously awaiting my salary determination, filling out mountains of paperwork, and finding a place for me and my dog to sleep in the D.C. area.


  1. Class members... so how does it work, you go through a training program and then eventually you're given your assignment?

    Apologies if I already asked this on Saturday, and it went right out the other ear into my cheap champagne.

  2. You go through an orientation course called the A-100, which nowadays runs five weeks. At the end of that they have a Flag Day ceremony, where everyone gets together and they hand you a flag. That flag is where you go.

  3. So you don't know until they hand you a flag? Man, it might as well be a manila envelope and 007! But I dig the flag. So exciting!

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